What was once only available for purchase through distributors is now available directly from the manufacturer. AMS  is now selling piano tuning tools directly to consumers and piano technicians.  All tools are manufactured in the United States using only the highest quality materials.  AMS has been making piano tools for technicians since 1938. Once based in Chicago, AMS is now located in Naperville, Illinois.  We produce regulating tools, restringing tools, technician's tools, and tuning levers.  Order tools with credit card via the web or if you prefer, fax or send in orders with a check.  Piano Technician Guild members receive a 30% discount on all purchases, please contact us for your promotional code.  Our goal is create and produce high quality tools that will enable piano technicians the ability to perform the best job possible in tuning and repairing pianos.
Featured Products
Gooseneck Tuning Lever with Star Head

Repinning Tool